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Anika Beckenbach


Büro Mannheim


Sekretariat: Ms. Satzke
Telefon +49 621 150399-27
Telefax +49 621 150399-88


German, English


  • Corporate Law
  • Tax Law
  • Law of private schools
  • Banking and Capital Markets Law

Anika Beckenbach advises corporate bodies and shareholders of mid-sized companies on Corporate, Commercial and Tax Law issues. She also supports and represents clients in the judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of and defence against claims under Corporate and Civil Law.

Another focus of Anika Beckenbach’s practice is the law of private schools. She advises private school operators on all matters relating to the state approval and recognition of private schools by the competent school supervisory authorities.

Anika Beckenbach also advise in bank law issues.

  • Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Swinburne University Melbourne: Bachelor Business Law 2009–2012
  • Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 2012–2017 (First State Examination 2017)
  • Legal clerkship at Landgericht Heidelberg 2017–2019 (Second State Examination 2019)
  • Deutscher Anwaltsverein (DAV)



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