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Intellectual Property

Advice on all aspects of intellectual property protection is part of our DNA. We advise companies across national borders on all types of intellectual property rights. This begins with the drafting of research and development (R&D) contracts and extends to the registration of IP rights and their consistent exploitation.

Our focus at a glance

  • Intellectual property rights of all kinds, in particular trademarks, designs, patents and registered designs, geographical indications, trade secrets
  • Registration of industrial property rights
  • Portfolio management, exploitation of industrial property rights
  • Litigation before civil courts, German Trademark and Patent Office, European Union Intellectual Property Office, Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Drafting of R&D contracts
  • Advice on Employee Invention Law, details on the registration and abandonment of IP rights, employee inventor compensation
  • Implementation of advertising measures and strategic development of brand concepts
  • Compliance with Competition Law, including social media marketing, and sanctioning unfair business practices of other market participants

Think outside the box, but stay inside the square.

In IP law, we ensure that your intellectual property is well protected against infringements by competitors and also assist in defending against patent infringement actions or vindication proceedings. This applies both to out-of-court dispute resolution and to our many years of recognised litigation experience at the German and European level.

As a sub-focus in trade mark law, we advise on the strategic development of trade mark concepts as well as the legally compliant implementation of advertising measures – always with the aim of realising our clients’ economic goals in the best possible way. This includes highly dynamic areas such as social media marketing, where new content forms and jurisdiction are in constant flux.

Ensure fair competition.

Closely linked to this is compliance with Competition Law, both in the design of one’s own advertising or data protection-compliant workflows, as well as in the sanctioning of unfair practices by other market participants. In specifically regulated areas such as the Law on the Advertising of Medicinal Products, where general regulations are often superseded, we can provide specialised companies with targeted support right from the start.

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Dirk Pauli

Dirk Pauli


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Dr. Antje Becher

Dr. Antje Becher

Senior Associate

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Juliane Boscheinen

Juliane Boscheinen

Of Counsel

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Daniel Ledvinka

Daniel Ledvinka

Senior Associate

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