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Our commercial team advises clients from various industries on issues of Contract, Distribution and Commercial Law in domestic matters as well as on legal issues that have an international dimension. At all times, our focus lies on ensuring a smooth workflow for our clients, which we encourage by uncomplicated communication and a solution-oriented approach.

Industry-specific advice

We advise our clients on the drafting of contracts and the assertion and defence of contractual and statutory claims. In doing so, we always take into account that our clients’ demands are industry-specific and diverse. This entails not only different legal provisions and jurisdictions, but above all diverging economic and entrepreneurial demands. Thanks to our excellent professional expertise and many years of experience, we are able to meet these requirements in the most sensible way for the benefit of our clients.

Our focus at a glance

  • Commercial and Distribution Law
  • Tax Law
  • Commercial Tenancy Law
  • Construction & Plant Construction Law
  • Product Liability Law
  • Banking and Capital Markets Law

Commercial and distribution law

We advise our clients comprehensively on establishing, maintaining and terminating distribution systems, both nationally and internationally. Our range of services includes advising on the selection, structuring and optimisation of distribution systems, drafting and reviewing agreements for commercial agency, franchises, authorised dealerships, merchandising, commission and licensing as well as contracts of employed sales agents. We also draft and review supply agreements and general terms and conditions. Finally, we represent clients in all distribution law related disputes in and out of court, e.g. when asserting and defending compensation claims.

Tax Law

Tax Law plays an important role during most business transactions, such as the founding of companies, company succession, the drafting of contracts, making retirement provisions or wills and other economic decisions. The same applies to foundations and the area of non-profit law. Our Tax lawyers help you to identify relevant matters and their potential impact on taxation, so we can develop a tailormade tax-optimised solution in close cooperation with you.

Commercial Tenancy Law

Commercial tenancy agreements are usually concluded for long periods of time, often for many years. Since there are no special protective regulations as there are in Private Tenancy Law, the drafting of contracts is of significant importance. We advise our clients both in advance on the secure drafting of contracts, as well as during the ongoing tenancy when disruptions occur.

Plant Construction

In the field of Plant Construction Law, we advise companies particularly in the wood-based panel industry on matters of Contract Law, and represent them in court and arbitration disputes. Our work focuses on legal support during the procurement of individual machines and production lines as well as complete plants for the production of OSB, particleboard or MDF/HDF boards as well as plastic-based board products.

Product Liability

Products must comply with a variety of legal requirements throughout the product cycle, from conception to disposal. We advise manufacturers, suppliers, importers and distributors on all product-related issues – “from cradle to grave”, so to speak. Whether questions of contract design, product safety or warranty – we offer solutions that are not only legally, but also economically and practically tailored to our clients’ needs. From manufacturing contracts, product safety, sales and distribution to product recalls, recourse claims in the production and supply chain or simply defence against product liability claims – your product is our passion.

Banking and Capital Markets Law

We advise and represent domestic and foreign credit and financial services institutions as well as companies and private individuals in matters of Banking and Capital Markets Law.

We advise on all legal issues relating to the general terms and conditions of German credit institutions as well as the account and its special forms. We are particularly specialised in legal issues relating to all types of commercial loans and consumer loans. We assist you in creating and realising insolvency-proof loan collateral and have many years of forensic experience in enforcing and realising collateral. In addition, we provide support in all legal questions that arise for creditors and collateral providers in the event of imminent or actual insolvency. Because we maintain close contacts with medium-sized law firms in Europe, the USA and all other important jurisdictions, we are the right contact for all questions of cross-border transactions.

In Capital Markets Law, our main areas of expertise are failed investment transactions, special liability risks that arise from asset management as well as the tailor-made structuring of corporate financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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